Talking Simpsons #491: You Kent Always Say What You Want

You Kent Always Say What You Want is the 18th season finale of The Simpsons, the 22nd episode of the season and the 400th overall, first broadcasted on May 20, 2007 with a script by Tim Long and directed by Matthew Nastuk.

Thanks to Ned Flanders’ meddling, Kent Brockman gets in trouble for blurting a horrible curse word during a soft-news interview about Homer winning Phineas Q. Butterfat’s 1,000,000th ice cream cone, and gets fired for allegedly being a cocaine addict. While living with the Simpsons, Brockman teams up with Lisa to create a YouTube video revealing why a politically conservative media empire like Fox would create raunchy television shows.

What a way to end a pretty bland season, this episode, like the 24 parody, does such a good job of taking satirical jabs at Fox as a whole and not just Fox News and it leads to a ton of great hilarious moments spattered throughout the episode.

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