Batman: The Animated Series 25th Anniversary #38: Heart Of Steel, Part 1

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Part 1 of Heart Of Steel was first broadcasted on November 16, 1992 with a script by Brynne Stephens and directed by Kevin Alteri.

Several robberies take place at major companies, including Wayne Enterprises, and Bruce Wayne, as Batman, discovers the thief to be a mechanical briefcase. Bruce meets with his old friend, Karl Rossum, an expert in robotics who lost his daughter to a vehicle accident years ago. He also meets Rossum’s assistant, Randa Duane, and Rossum’s ultimate creation: a prototype A.I. known as Holographic Analytical Reciprocating Digital Computer (H.A.R.D.A.C.) Bruce invites Duane to dinner, and around the same time, certain civilians start acting strangely. Most surprising is when Duane unexpectedly leaves Wayne Manor while Bruce is on the phone, and the entire Batcave turns on Batman.

This is one of the rare two parters where both parts are done by the same studio so I’ll give this that distinction that they kept the same studio for both parts. But also, this is the introduction of Barbara Gordon to the series, voiced by Melissa Gilbert, and of course, she becomes more of a prominent character as the series goes on.

As far as the first part goes, it’s okay, it’s got an interesting plot to work with and a really cool villain in H.A.R.D.A.C., voiced by Jeff Bennett, and this first part essentially sets up the plan of the bad guys leading up to them figuring out Batman’s true identity, second episode in a row where Batman’s true identity is revealed.

Once again, I think that once we get to the second half of this episode, that’s where a lot of the really great stuff from this episode begins to take shape but as it stands, part 1 of Heart Of Steel is a really solid episode, great animation, good action, great twists and turns, and it ends on a great climax that makes you want to come back for the next episode, it does everything you’d expect a good two parter to do.

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