The Untitled Better Call Saul Posting #25: Chicanery

Chicanery was written by Gordon Smith and directed by Daniel Sackheim.

In a flashback, Chuck invites Rebecca over for dinner, and comes up with an elaborate lie about the power to his house being cut so he doesn’t have to reveal his EHS to her. However, Rebecca answers her cell phone, causing Chuck to knock it out of her hands in a panic. He refuses to explain his actions to her and forbids Jimmy from revealing the truth. In the present, both sides gear up for Jimmy’s hearing in front of the New Mexico Bar Association, after Jimmy meets with Caldera to acquire the services of “someone with a light touch.” At the hearing, things do not seem to go well for Jimmy as the tape is played before the committee. Rebecca enters the courtroom, much to Chuck’s surprise, though he believes it’s some ploy by Jimmy to throw him off balance. Later, Jimmy cross-examines Chuck about the circumstances of the recording, Rebecca’s presence and his illness. Though Chuck remains calm throughout most of it, Jimmy reveals that Chuck had been carrying a fully charged cell phone battery planted by Huell for the entire hearing, contradicting the EHS symptoms Chuck claimed to have and suggesting he has a mental illness. This triggers a sudden and acidic tirade from Chuck as he vents all of his frustrations about Jimmy and how he never should have tried to help him. Chuck realizes too late that his outburst has shocked the entire courtroom, including the committee.

Much of the episode’s focus seems to be on Michael McKean’s Chuck and it allows for McKean to showcase more of his dramatic acting side and he once again does a great job in doing that. The overall episode itself gets a lot of great moments all around and this one is definitely another winner for Better Call Saul.

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