Batman: The Animated Series 25th Anniversary #42: Tyger Tyger

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Tyger Tyger was first broadcasted on October 30, 1992 with a script by Cherie Wilkinson from a story by Michael Reaves and Randy Rogel and directed by Frank Paur.

Selina Kyle is kidnapped by the villainous genetic engineer Dr. Emile Dorian and becomes his latest experiment to provide his man-cat hybrid named Tygrus with a mate. Batman learns of this and comes to the island to rescue Selina. He is captured and forced into a deadly game of cat-and-flying mouse as Tygrus hunts Batman through the island’s jungles.

Last time we talked about Catwoman, I made a promise to myself to find at least one good Catwoman episode and this one….is another one you can add to the list of bad Catwoman episodes and honestly, this may be the worst one of the bunch.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a idea that can’t have potential, the essential plot is taking a lot from the premise of The Island Of Dr. Moreau, which could’ve lead to something but unfortunately, it just doesn’t.

I think this is the first episode of Batman: The Animated Series that I can say I hated all around, there is nothing about this one that I liked, except for the voice acting but that’s a given. The animation is okay but that’s about it.

The script is not written well, they don’t really have a lot to tell here except “hey, we want to do a story where we turn Catwoman into a literal cat because we’ve got nothing else to do with her.” Even the action in this one is very lackluster.

I mean, I don’t know, maybe it’s because I didn’t watch the series growing up and caught on later on because I’ve heard people, when talking about this episode. say this one stuck out for them even if they hated it, but to me, this one never sold me at all.

Tyger Tyger could’ve taken this plot under a better writer and make it much better than it ended up becoming but this just doesn’t work. I know I’m not really saying a whole lot about this one but that’s because they’ve got nothing to work with here, this is just a bad episode, the first TAS episode I can honestly say is a bad episode all around.

And the quest for a good Catwoman episode continues on…

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2 comments on “Batman: The Animated Series 25th Anniversary #42: Tyger Tyger
  1. Alec kirker says:

    No one else may like it,
    but i love it.
    Tygrus x Selina

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