Talking Simpsons #493: He Loves To Fly & He D’ohs

Season 19 was the first season of The Simpsons to come after the release of The Simpsons Movie so it’s likely to expect somewhat of a decline early on seeing as how most of the focus was on getting the movie out in time for that summer so, expect to see some mediocre to bad episodes to start the season off. Not to mention, this season was in the midst of the 2007 writers’ strike as well so instead of the usual 22 or 23 episodes we’d get for the season, we only have about 20 here, so, let’s go ahead and get started with the season premiere, He Loves To Fly & He D’ohs:


First broadcasted on September 23, 2007 with a script by Joel H. Cohen and directed by Mark Kirkland as the 401st episode overall.

After Homer saves Mr. Burns from drowning, Mr. Burns rewards him with a dinner and a flight on his corporate jet, making Homer disappointed that he will never be rich or successful enough to enjoy the high life.

And just like I said, expect to see some pretty mediocre episodes to start this season off and sure enough, that’s exactly what this one is. You would think with Stephen Colbert as the main guest star, there would be something there but even he’s given kind of a bland role here as a Tony Robbins-esque motivational speaker and he just doesn’t work, it’s like they told him to not be what’s made him who he is and it shows here. Even Lionel Richie is wasted in this episode.

This is just a bland mediocre opener and I get it, they’re coming off the movie but you still have to keep that comedic energy going, but like I said, it does get better from this point onward, we’ve just got a few blunders to take a look at before we get back to the good stuff.

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