Talking Simpsons #494: The Homer Of Seville

The Homer Of Seville is the 2nd episode of the 19th season and the 402nd overall, first broadcasted on September 30, 2007 with a script by Carolyn Omine and directed by Michael Polcino.


A freak accident turns Homer into an opera singer (which can only be achieved if he lies down) and he becomes the toast of Springfield’s cultural elite — and the target of a crazed, motorcycle-riding female fan (voiced by Maya Rudolph) who blackmails him into becoming his manager.

This one actually starts off pretty promising with this clever little twist on Homer becoming a great opera singer but only when he’s lying down, that could lead to a ton of great potential and they do show it here but then, the episode takes this radical turn the other way by making Rudolph’s crazy fan characters the subject of the rest of the episode and then, they just have nothing else to work with, it’s like they gave up midway through the second act and said “oh shit, we’ve got 11 more minutes to fill up.”

The first half of this episode is where you get a lot of the best moments but then when it pulls this 360 twist in the second half, the episode just falls apart unfortunately so what could’ve been a good episode just ends up being mediocre at best.

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