Batman: The Animated Series 25th Anniversary #45: Terror In The Sky

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Terror In The Sky was first broadcasted on November 12, 1992 with a script by Mark Saraceni from a  story by Saraceni and Steve Perry and directed by Boyd Kirkland.

When a giant-sized bat ransacks Gotham harbor, Batman suspects that Dr. Kirk Langstrom is up to his old tricks, taking the Man-Bat formula again. Batman isn’t the only one. Kirk’s wife, Francine, is so distrustful of her husband that she decides to leave him. After further investigation, Batman discovers that this Man-Bat is not Kirk, but someone else, and thus he shames Francine’s father into permanently destroying the formula.

Kind of a sequel to the first episode, On Leather Wings, except with a bit of a twist in terms of who the actual culprit is:

First off, how funny is it that Batman can get the shit smacked out of him so easily by garbage cans? It’s hard not to laugh at that when I watch this action scene.

This is a really good action scene, I love that Batman has a helmet of his cowl, that just looks so damn cool. I also like how this bat uses sonar to detect where Batman is and it helps to make that action scene nicely done.

On a whole, this episode itself is just okay, it’s not a bad episode by any stretch but I just feel like we’ve been down this path before in On Leather Wings, a much better episode. Remember the episode of The Powerpuff Girls where the next door neighbor is so miserable with his life and how happy his neighbors are, he becomes a supervillain and then he gets arrested and then, the next episode he’s in, it’s his family who becomes the supervillains, that’s like this episode here. Not anywhere near as good but not horrible. It’s a lot of been there done that with this one and this show usually does a good job of not repeating itself too often but this is one of the first ones that just felt like the same old, same old.

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