Batman: The Animated Series 25th Anniversary #46: Almost Got ‘Im


Almost Got ‘Im was first broadcasted on November 10, 1992 with a script by Paul Dini and directed by Eric Radomski.

The Joker, Killer Croc, the Penguin, Two-Face, and Poison Ivy all meet at a poker table, each telling a tale of times when they almost defeated Batman. At the same time, Harley Quinn is about to kill Catwoman after she rescued Batman from the Joker’s electric chair.

When anybody talks about the greatest episodes of Batman: The Animated Series, they always talk about this one as one of the best. And for the longest time, I never saw this one. It took me a couple go-arounds before I finally got around to checking this one out a few years ago and honestly, I can believe all the raves for this one.

This is a really damn good episode, very high up there with the best episodes ever.

The idea of just having Joker, Killer Croc, Penguin, Two-Face, and Ivy just acting like normal people for a majority of an episode is a very interesting one, they’re doing nothing but talking about their past run-ins with Batman and the banter that comes between these characters is so spot on, the writing in this is incredible, especially the opening scene:

Again, that banter these characters have in this scene is so fun and fascinating to listen to and a lot of that is in the episode.

I dare anybody not to laugh hard at any point in that last clip, it’s impossible to.

Now, we do get to see these stories in action and each one of them is nicely animated, nicely timed and filled with a lot of fun action all around.

But really, it’s the dialogue between the villains listening in on each story and even making fun of the other villains while doing it that pulls this episode together.

I won’t reveal the twist at the end but it does serve more of a purpose for the villains to be together than we’re initially believed to be. And I will honestly say that I think that we have found the first really good Catwoman centered episode since she is in this for a lot more that I initially believed it to be. Again, won’t reveal the twist but I will say this is the first really good episode she’s been a part of.

It’s amazing to think out of all the episodes of Batman: The Animated Series there have been, Almost Got ‘Im seems to be the one that has made a most notable impact with people with its’ longevity continuing through various formats, there has been school productions of this episode done as I found while I was looking up clips for this one:

There’s even been a card game put out recently that plays into the twist of the episode, that’s how much this episode has had such a cultural impact beyond what anybody would’ve ever guessed it to be.

And you know, kudos. Almost Got ‘Im is such a great episode that it deserves all the praise that it gets, it’s a well animated, smartly written, fun as hell to watch episode that is definitely one of the must watch episodes of this series.

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