Batman: The Animated Series 25th Anniversary #48: What Is Reality?

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What Is Reality? was first broadcasted on November 24, 1992 with a primetime premiere of March 7, 1993 with a script by Marty Isenberg & Robert N. Skir and directed by Dick Sebast.

Seeking to prove once and for all that his is the superior mind, the Riddler lures Batman into a riddle-solving contest inside the virtual reality of a computer game in order to save Commissioner Gordon’s life. In the course of solving the riddles and escaping the Riddler’s traps, Batman learns that he is able to manipulate the virtual reality landscape much like the Riddler does.

This is definitely a step down compared to the first Riddler episode but it still has some interesting and enjoyable scenarios to appreciate about it.

The overall problem I think this episode has is that the Riddler doesn’t really have a motivation in this episode like he did in If You’re So Smart, Why Aren’t You Rich?, he’s just doing this because he’s basically trolling Batman by showing how he’s smarter than he is.

There are elements about this one that I do think work, the animation is once again really good, John Glover is always great to watch as The Riddler, and there are some fun bits of dialogue between Robin, Batman, and The Riddler.

But overall, What Is Reality? never reaches the full potential that I think they were looking for with this one and this is definitely not as good of a Riddler episode as the first one was.

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