Batman: The Animated Series 25th Anniversary #49: I Am The Night

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I Am The Night was first broadcasted on November 9, 1992 and aired in primetime on December 13, 1992 with a script by Michael Reaves and directed by Boyd Kirkland.

On the anniversary of the death of Bruce’s parents, Batman accompanies Leslie Thompkins to Crime Alley to place roses on the spot where they were gunned down. Meanwhile, Commissioner Gordon is on stakeout to arrest Jimmy “The Jazzman” Peake during a drug smuggling ring. Batman had promised to be there, but arrives late to find a gun battle going on. He helps defeat the gangsters and arrest the Jazzman, but at a high cost—Gordon is severely wounded. The incident traumatizes Batman and he contemplates giving up his crime-fighting career, despite the Jazzman escaping prison to carry out his personal vendetta against Gordon (who had sent him to prison six years before).

This one is not only my all time favorite Batman: The Animated Series episode but it’s my all-time favorite episode of television period.

I love this episode because much like Heart Of Ice, it’s a perfect mix of good drama, good action, good writing and brilliant voice acting with Kevin Conroy giving his strongest performance of Bruce Wayne he’s ever given.

The episode is great because it’s Batman questioning his life and whether or not what he’s doing with his life is doing any good. It’s a fascinating character study on Batman and also Bruce Wayne, although for a majority of the episode, it’s basically Batman.

The last bit of dialogue from a kid that Batman helps out (voiced by a pre-career Seth Green) is one of the definitive moments of the episode that gives Batman the boost he needs to continue doing what he does best.

I Am The Night isn’t often regarded by most people as one of Batman: The Animated Series’ strongest episodes but to me, it’s the one episode that I can watch over and over again and not get tired of it at all.

It’s my all-time favorite episode of TV.

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