The Untitled Better Call Saul Posting #26: Off Brand

Off Brand was written by Ann Cherkis and directed by Keith Gordon.

After being forced by Hector to beat Domingo “Krazy-8” Molina, one of his dealers for coming up short, Nacho begins to grow disillusioned. Jimmy is given only a year’s suspension in the aftermath of his legal battle with Chuck. Afterwards, while he and Kim celebrate, Rebecca asks Jimmy to help with Chuck, who has shuttered himself in his home, but Jimmy refuses, no longer calling Chuck his brother. Chuck later admits Howard into his home. Howard suggests to Chuck that he forget about Jimmy and look to the future, which Chuck appears to agree to. However, Chuck is later seen walking through the streets of Albuquerque, dialing Dr. Cruz, the doctor who diagnosed his condition, over a payphone. Mike bonds further with Stacey. As part of Gus’ agreement with Hector, Gus’ men hand over a portion of his smuggled drugs to Nacho, who insists on taking one more package than was agreed to. Gus orders his henchmen to allow Nacho to take the extra portion, as he is scouting a commercial laundry with Lydia Rodarte-Quayle. Nacho returns to Hector with the drugs, though Hector wants a new smuggling route and decides to use Nacho’s father’s upholstery business as a front over Nacho’s objections. Hector then has a panic attack after he receives news that Tuco was involved in a prison stabbing, and was then placed in solitary confinement. Nacho takes advantage of the confusion to steal one of Hector’s medication pills. After personally bidding a year’s farewell to his clients, Jimmy must figure out what to do with his remaining television commercial slots. With the help of his college film crew, he uses a legal loophole to sell the slots via a new series of commercials, in which Jimmy poses as a character named Saul Goodman.

The very first introduction to the man who would be come to known as Saul Goodman, this is a really strong episode with a great ending to finally show us the man who we’d eventually come to know as Saul.

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