Batman: The Animated Series 25th Anniversary #55: The Mechanic

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The Mechanic was first broadcasted on January 24, 1993 with a script by Randy Rogel from a story by Laren Bright and Steve Perry and directed by Kevin Alteri.

Thanks to a freak accident during a high-speed chase, the Batmobile is virtually demolished. After Batman takes the car to his personal mechanic, Earl Cooper, the Penguin makes his move and tampers with the Batmobile, putting it under his control.

I mean, this one is basically just an extension of the Penguin’s scheme from Batman Returns. Remember in Batman Returns when The Penguin takes over the Batmobile to make Batman look bad? Yeah, this is pretty much just an extension of that scene with some additional storylines thrown in there.

There’s not really that much to work with here, there is nice animation, some interesting characters voiced by John De Lancie, Barry Gordon, and Paul Winfield but overall, there really is not a whole lot to talk about with The Mechanic. This one is just kind of a dullĀ forgettable episode and considering some of the really solid episodes we’ve gotten in the last few days, you’re always gonna run into at least one or two mediocre or bad episodes during the run.

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