Talking Simpsons #499: Husbands & Knives

Husbands & Knives, the 7th episode of season 19 and the 407th overall, was first broadcasted on November 18, 2007 with a script by Matt Selman and directed by Nancy Kruse.


The Comic Book Guy’s Android Dungeon faces competition with “Coolsville Comics ‘n Toys,” a new comic book store owned by a nicer, more personable store owner named Milo (voiced by Jack Black). Meanwhile, Marge creates a gym for the average woman, and a self-conscious Homer resorts to plastic surgery after being told that Marge’s success will lead to her divorcing Homer and getting a younger, handsomer trophy husband. Alan Moore, Art Spiegelmen, and Dan Clowes all guest star as themselves.

Where a lot of this episode definitely gets its’ enjoyment is in the Comic Book Guy storyline, just hearing Alan Moore singing the Little Lulu theme song alone makes this episode worthwhile.

The subplot with Homer getting plastic surgery really brings this episode down a huge notch because it has one of the stupidest endings any subplot the show has ever done, it just doesn’t feel right on any levels and it almost ruins the entire episode because of it.

So, overall, it’s a mixed bag episode to say the least, the main plot is really good, the rest not so much.

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