Talking Simpsons #500: Funeral For A Fiend

Funeral For A Fiend, the 8th episode of season 19 and the 408th overall, was first broadcastedo n November 25, 2007 with a script by Michael Price and directed by Rob Oliver.


A night at a rib restaurant turns into yet another plot for Sideshow Bob to kill The Simpson family, but the whole scheme turns into a family affair when Bart kills his mortal enemy by throwing away his nitroglycerine (which Sideshow Bob needs for his heart) and the rest of the Terwiligers go after Bart for killing Bob.

What a waste of a really good idea, having half the cast of Frasier reunite as part of Sideshow Bob’s family and going after Bart but the episode really never delivers on such a great plot idea. There’s a couple of laughs here and there but the episode just doesn’t come together and Bob’s overall plan to kill Bart is not inventive at all, it just never comes together well at all and it spoils what could’ve been another classic Sideshow Bob episode.

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