Talking Simpsons #501: Eternal Moonshine Of The Simpson Mind

Eternal Moonshine of The Simpson Mind, the 9th episode of season 19 and the 409th overall, was first broadcasted on December 16, 2007 with a script by J. Stewart Burns and directed by Chuck Sheetz.

Eternal Moonshine promo.png

Homer wakes up in the snow with no memory of what he did the night before — and finds his wife and kids missing.

This is one of the best episodes in the most recent decade of the series, this episode has such a unique and impressively hilarious vision to it and a lot of creative intrigue to it and an engaging story to it as Homer tries to figure out what the hell is going on and we are too.

Creating amazing visuals with spectacular animation, a great storyline, and great humor, Eternal Moonshine Of The Simpson Mind is one of the more visually impressive and well written episodes the show has done in the last 10 years.

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