Batman: The Animated Series 25th Anniversary #63: Fire From Olympus

Fire From Olympus was first broadcasted on May 24, 1993 with a script by Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens and directed by Dan Riba.

Believing himself to be the reincarnation of Zeus, Maxie Zeus steals an experimental weapon that the government developed. The mad man desires to use the weapon against the people of Gotham City and Batman must put a stop to Maxie’s mad plan against the city he loves.

In the AV Club review for this episode, it starts with a very good point that superhero stories are modern day mythology. Characters like Batman and Superman have replaced Hercules and Achilles as paragons of physical and moral excellence, surrounded by pantheons of supporting heroes and villains, each representing specific virtues and vices. When megalomaniacal shipping tycoon Maxie Zeus is led down the halls of Arkham Asylum at the end of “Fire From Olympus,” he recognizes his fellow rogues as his mythical brethren: Poison Ivy is Demeter, goddess of the harvest; Two-Face is Janus, lord of beginnings and endings; Joker is Hermes, merry trickster of the gods. Arkham is Mount Olympus and Gotham City is the underworld, a dark realm ruled by the Batman, a vengeful god shaped by death.

That’s the best way to kind of look at this episode as you’ve got a superhero going head to head with a god….sort of…

It is cool to see them bring kind of an obscure villain to the mainstream with this episode, Steve Susskind delivers a really good voice to Maxie Zeus and the character is written really well, I like how committed this character is throughout the episode and I really like the bit at the end where he looks at all the villains in Arkham Aslyum and thinks of all the gods while going by.

The whole episode is just great to watch to see Batman going up somebody who perceives himself as a reincarnation to a god and creates weapons that justify his theory and it leads to some great action scenes all around.

Although, I will say the overall animation in this particular one is not really that strong, this is another one from Dong Yang Animation and they have been very mixed, some episodes they’ve been really good but then episodes like this, not so much.

Overall, Fire From Olympus is a good episode to see one of the more obscure Batman villains come into the series and this is a really good episode that features some great action scenes and nice creative elements to it.

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