Talking Simpsons #502: E Pluribus Wiggum

E Pluribus Wiggum, the 10th episode of season 19 and the 410th overall episode, was first broadcasted on January 6, 2008 with a script by Michael Price and directed by Michael Polcino.

Thanks to Homer’s latest blunder (blowing up every fast-food restaurant in the city), Springfield moves up election day and becomes the first city in the nation to hold primary elections. However, all the media attention and similar-sounding politicians wear on the townspeople’s nerves, so they elect Ralph Wiggum to be the 2008 Presidential candidate as a joke — until Ralph reveals that he wants to be President, so he can bring peace in these divided times.

I really love this episode but what’s most interesting is that this episode has not only stood the test of time but that this episode is essentially what the Trump campaign ended up becoming. I even said this back in December:

Really, you can watch this entire episode, hell the third act alone, and see so many similarities to what happened last election season, the only difference is that instead of bringing the parties together to bring peace in divided times, our current president is dividing all the parties together by dividing us more.

This episode is without a doubt the series at its’ best, when it’s jabbing with tons of political satire and squashing elections and political parties to a tee and it has a ton of hilarious moments all around that makes this one of the best episodes the show has produced in the last decade.

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