The Reviewing Network’s Top 30 Favorite Movie Moments: #30 & #29

It’s that time of the year again, it’s summertime and usually around this time, this is where I take Fridays and present a 15 week top 30 list. 2015 was my top 30 favorite movies of all time, 2016 was my top 30 worst movies of all time, and this year, we’re gonna be looking at my top 30 favorite movie moments of all time.

Because everybody has those favorite movie moments that sticks with them and holds that place in you that you will never forget. Sometimes you can not only get the best moments in movies from movies you love or even like but even movies that are not as good or are kind of bad can leave you with at least one memorable moment that you never forget about.

And this summer, these are my personal 30 favorite moments in motion picture history, the moments that I’ll always remember or hold a special place in my heart or are just the ones that I can’t help but watch over and over again.

Now, there are no real ground rules here and I’m not going to be afraid to have ties or hell, use more than one movie in this list. Anything is possible to make the list so, let’s not waste any time and begin our 15 week journey into The Reviewing Network’s Top 30 Favorite Movie Moments:

Let’s begin the countdown at #30 on the list and remember when I said that even movies that are not very good can have scenes that hold up for you? Well, that’s the case with my #30 pick, the Bridge Of Light sequence from Happy Feet Two.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, Happy Feet Two? Really? Out of all the movie moments out there, what could possibly come from that? And in a way, I would agree.

Happy Feet Two is the less than enjoyable sequel to the surprisingly enjoyable Happy Feet and you could tell by the fact that it took them five years to put this out and when the film actually came out, it wasn’t very good.

The animation still looked nice and the music was still decent enough but the biggest problem with the film came with the script, the script just really did not feel like it was fully realized and Warner Bros. just wanted to make a quick buck. The biggest fault of the film is that a lot of the characters don’t really have much to do in this nor do most of the newer characters. And then, you have Brad Pitt & Matt Damon as these two krill characters that keep showing up in random points in the film and they are there to simply just be the Scrat for these movies….I’m not even joking, they literally show up, they stop the story from going on, and they are there to just be filler, they don’t even help out in the main story, they really are just there to be filler for the ADHD kids who could care less about the story going on.

So, yeah, the sequel is kinda bad but despite all of that, one part of the movie that surprisingly stands out on its’ own is the Bridge Of Light sequence. It starts after this scene were Mumble and his young son, Erik, are having an argument and scolds him for his beliefs, saying that no penguin can fly and that none of the emperor penguins will be able to escape. This is all coming after Erik wandered off to see this puffin named Sven (voiced by Hank Azaria), who has an ability to fly hence giving Erik this idea that penguins can fly.

After all of this, Erik’s mother, Gloria (voiced by Pink replacing the deceased Brittany Murphy), tries to cheer him up by singing the Bridge Of Light song and what follows is some of the most gorgeous animation in the movie:

I think why this moment holds out to me the most is that this has a lot of the heart and emotional impact that this movie was missing compared to the first film but not only that, it helps to have the great singing voice of Pink and this spectacular animation that reminds you why the first movie was such a great film and what was missing from the sequel so much.

For a brief moment, the sequel actually has life to it but the saddest part about it is that it’s the only memorable thing that comes out of it and thus, you gotta go back to the forgettable sequel you were watching beforehand.

For such a mediocre sequel like Happy Feet Two, I never thought that the highlight would be a song by Pink in the middle of the movie but I’ll be damned if it wasn’t so damn good. It turns this generic sequel around for a good three to four minutes but once that song ends, the movie goes back to being some generic crud. That song lifts the movie up a notch for those four minutes and it’s an underrated song and it gives this forgettable sequel its’ own bridge of light to it.

Since we’re also in the middle of the Batman: The Animated Series 25th Anniversary run right now, let’s talk about its’ successor, Batman Beyond, whose movie, Return Of The Joker produced my #29 favorite movie moment, The Death Of The Joker in Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker.

Now, the Nostalgia Critic recently did an editorial talking about this scene in particular and to be absolutely honest, he pinpoints every possible point I could talk about with this scene so, the majority of my comments on why this scene is so great can come from his mouth:

He pretty much sums up everything about the scene enough and I agree with a lot of his points.

I will say that Return Of The Joker is a much better movie than I think he gives it credit for.

It is one of the most messed up and tense moments in any animated movie because you see just how crazy the Joker brainwashes Tim Drake and just tortures him to eventually turn him against Batman is one of the darkest and most intense things you’ll ever see in an animated movie. And here’s something you probably never noticed, Tim Drake after the Joker got to him is actually voiced by Andrea Romano, the casting director that worked on many of Warner Bros.’ animated shows from the 1990s including Tiny Toons, Animaniacs, Batman, and Superman.

The fight scene at the end between Joker and Terry is also a great scene and I was pretty close to having this scene also being a tie with the brainwashing scene:

It comes to a pretty nice action packed and occasionally very funny end in which Terry basically taunts the Joker including the great line about how Terry tells the Joker that he “thought the Joker always wanted to see Batman laugh” to which Joker responds with “YOU’RE NOT BATMAN!!!” It’s such a great bit of dialogue and it just works and the film comes to a very satisfying payoff.

So, yeah, this one was pretty close to being a tie.

But I can’t help it, The Death Of The Joker is not only one of the best Batman movie moments of all time but it’s one of the best Batman stories ever told, it is so good that it could placed as a short film and it alone would be considered one of the greatest what if? stories ever made.

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  1. […] The great thing I appreciate about this one is that most of it is centered around Robin, Batman only shows up in very brief scenes especially towards the end, and it gives us a chance to get used to the character of Tim Drake, learning about how to be a kid alone on the streets of Gotham and dealing with a harsh reality. I mean, the line at the end from Batman perfectly sums up the episode as a whole, “sometimes there are no happy endings”, something that would also be an unfortunate omen for Drake’s fate as revealed later on in Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker. […]

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