Batman: The Animated Series 25th Anniversary #65: The Worry Men

We’ve come to the final episode of the original Batman: The Animated Series run with The Worry Men, first broadcasted on September 16, 1993 with a script by Paul Dini and directed by Frank Paur.

Wealthy socialite Veronica Vreeland returns from Central America, bringing tiny handmade dolls for all her friends. According to native legend, once placed under a pillow, the dolls do the sleeper’s worrying for them. Unknown to Veronica or her guests, each of the dolls was made by the Mad Hatter, and contains a tiny microchip which plants hypnotic suggestions inside the sleepers’ brains.

As far as a plot goes, this is about what you would expect for a Mad Hatter storyline but at the same time, you can definitely notice a lot of elements taken from the last episode we saw Veronica in, Birds Of A Feather.

The overall episode as a whole is just okay, it never really culminates into anything too exciting or engaging for a final episode of the season although to be fair, these episodes aired out of order so there’s no real indication of which episode would’ve been intended as the season finale to begin with. My point is, there’s not really a lot of interesting elements to make this one as enjoyable as they expect it to be, the animation isn’t particularly too good, the story is not very investing, the action is okay but not spectacular, it does kind of end of a sour note for a show that started off really strong.

But the good news is that there was plenty more of Batman to come after this.

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