Talking Simpsons #504: Love, Springfieldian Style

Love, Springfieldian Style, the 12th episode of season 19 and the 412th overall, was first broadcasted on February 17, 2008 with a script by Don Payne and directed by Raymond S. Persi.

On Valentine’s Day, Homer and Marge get stuck in a Tunnel of Love ride after Bart turns the water into Jell-O. To pass the time, the family tells stories of famous couples: Bonnie and Clyde (Homer and Marge cut a path of crime through 1930s Springfield by robbing banks), Lady and the Tramp (Homer and Marge again; this time, as the eponymous dogs from the classic Disney movie), and Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen (Nelson and Lisa are punk rockers in love and addicted to chocolate).

The three mini stories are unique ideas but of all the ones that I thought worked the best, the only one that I really enjoyed overall was the Lady & The Tramp story mostly because of how spot-on the animation and how close it was to Disney-esque animation to a tee. The Sid & Nancy one has a nice concept to it but the jokes never really came together very well and the Bonnie & Clyde one is okay.

Neither one of them really come out strong but are mostly enjoyable for what they are, they have good animation and some decent comedic jokes but nothing really stands out in this one.

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