The Magical World Of Disney #89: Beauty & The Beast: Belle’s Magical World

Belle’s Magical World (also known as Beauty and the Beast: Belle’s Magical World) is a 1998 direct-to-video animated musical film produced by Walt Disney Television Animation, and released by Walt Disney Home Video) on February 17, 1998. The film is a followup to the 1991 Walt Disney Pictures animated feature film Beauty and the Beast, features the voices of David Ogden Stiers as Cogsworth, Robby Benson as The Beast, Gregory Grudt, who replaced Bradley Michael Pearce as Chip Potts, Paige O’Hara as Belle, Anne Rogers, who replaced Angela Lansbury as Mrs. Potts, Jerry Orbach as Lumiere. The film features two songs performed by Belle, “Listen With Our Hearts” and “A Little Thought.” This storyline is set within the timeline of the original Beauty and the Beast (after Christmas but before the fight against Gaston).

When first released in 1998, this film consisted of three connected segments: “The Perfect Word,” “Fifi’s Folly,” and “The Broken Wing.” For the special edition released in 2003 another segment was included, “Mrs. Potts’s Party” (from Belle’s Tales of Friendship), making the film 22 minutes longer.

WOW, this was pretty bad….I mean, really bad…

Where do you even begin with this? First of all, once again, this is Disney trying to promote a feature film when in actuality, it’s nothing but four episodes of a TV show string together to make a feature film and guess what, unlike Return Of Jafar, this never aired. Yeah, these were four episodes of an unfinished TV show that never got off the ground and so Disney decided “eh, let’s just make a movie out of these.”

But that’s the problem, this isn’t a movie, this is a compilation of four episodes of an unaired TV show made to look like you’re watching a movie when you’re really not and even so, it doesn’t work at all.

The animation looks pretty lackluster, for a TV series it would be fine, but not for a feature length animated movie, at least Return Of Jafar was trying to look more like a feature film, this is just garbage to look at.

The stories are not investing, the characters they add are really bland, and there is just nothing here of noteworthiness.

They were just pushing to find a way to milk whatever cashcow Beauty & The Beast can still give them, this is the reason why nobody ever takes the original Beauty & The Beast as a serious movie and still treats it like a generic kids film. The original Beauty & The Beast is more worthy than this, it’s a legitimate film, it was nominated for Best fucking Picture in 1991 in a time when nominating an animated film was too crazy for the time, it holds an important place in motion picture history.

And all Belle’s Magical World does is give those naysayers a reason to think why Beauty & The Beast is not worth the time or effort. This shit is just bad, plain & simple, onto the next movie.

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