Batman: The Animated Series 25th Anniversary #67: A Bullet For Bullock

A Bullet For Bullock was first broadcasted on September 14, 1995 with a script by Michael Reaves and directed by Frank Paur.

Someone has put a hit out on Gotham’s toughest cop, Harvey Bullock. After surviving several near misses, Bullock realizes he has no choice but to ask his arch-rival Batman to help him discover who is behind the murder attempts. During their investigation, Bullock learns that his gruff and mean-spirited manner has created enemies in the unlikeliest of people.

Bullock has since been established as the bad cop to Commissioner Gordon’s good cop in the Gotham City Police Department and in this episode, they show once again the love-hate relationship between Bullock and Batman.

Regardless, Batman knows that Bullock’s attitude and actions can be grating and against what his intentions are but at the same time, he knows that he’s just doing his job and his intenitons are in the right place regardless of how he acts around it.

And that makes episodes like this so great because you actually do end up getting invested in Bullock’s situation even after how many times he’s treated people, especially Batman, so badly and you get invested in the story and when Bullock and Batman do work off each other, it’s great to watch. Both Robert Costanzo and Kevin Conroy have excellent chemistry working off each other throughout the episode and Jeffrey Jones has a very good role playing the man behind the murder attempts at Bullock.

A Bullet For Bullock is a really great episode bringing two polar opposites together and having a lot of great action, animation, and storytelling all around that makes it well worth it on all levels.

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