Batman: The Animated Series 25th Anniversary #71: The Terrible Trio

The Terrible Trio was first broadcasted on September 11, 1995 with a script by Michael Reaves from a story by Reaves and Alan Burnett and directed by Frank Paur.

Three wealthy, bored friends of Bruce Wayne decide to seek new thrills by becoming master criminals. As the Fox, the Shark and the Vulture (masters of land, sea and air), the Terrible Trio pick Gotham clean, until they encounter one person who cannot be bought off — Batman.

AND that’s pretty much all you need to know about this episode to convince you that this isn’t very good. I mean, really, that’s the lamest excuse to turn into criminals ever. “Hey, we’ve got a ton of money, instead of just going crazy with it, let’s just rob people.”

The saddest thing about this episode is that it’s based off of the characters from the comics and in the original comics, they were three famous inventors in Gotham City, who sought new challenges by starting a criminal career. As a gimmick, they dress up in business suits while wearing cartoon masks of animals. From this, they become known as the Fox, the Shark and the Vulture. Tapping into their respective areas of expertise, they base their technology on their respective animal themes. The Trio were recurrent foes of Batman and Robin for years, but they have also battled G’nort, and, more recently, the new Doctor Mid-Nite. So, the original concept behind these guys was actually kind of cool but for this, they changed it around and ruined it.

Also, the episode has a decent guest cast involved with Bill Mumy, David Jolliffe, and Peter Scolari as the Trio and Hector Elizondo as Sheldon Fallbrook that they kind of waste here too.

The animation in this is also pretty bad too, Jade Animation is responsible for this animation and it looked bad, this is the only Batman: TAS episode they ever did. Although, they did do the animation for four Superman: The Animated Series episodes later on.

Even Bruce Timm has said that this is the absolute worst episode in this DC animated universe they’ve set up. When even the person who created the series is saying this, you know you fucked up.

The Terrible Trio has reached that threshold as not only being the worst episode of Batman: The Animated Series so far but maybe the worst episode in the DC animated universe period. It’s just not a good episode at all, this is the first episode that I can honestly say has no redeemable quality to it and you should avoid it like the plague.

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