Batman: The Animated Series 25th Anniversary #72: Harlequinade

Harlequinade was first broadcasted on May 23, 1994 with a script by Paul Dini and directed by Kevin Alteri.

The Joker steals an atomic bomb, and it is up to Batman and Robin to find and stop him. Since there is no time to spare, the duo enlist the help of Harley Quinn to track Joker down. Throughout the episode, it is briefly discussed how Harley met Joker.

Oh, thank god Paul Dini is here to get the show back on track after the last abysmal episode and boy, do they come back with a bang or what?

This is a classic Joker – Harley Quinn episode and would also later pave inspiration for the upcoming Batman & Harley Quinn movie coming later this year:

The idea that Batman and Harley Quinn working together to stop the bad guys leaves a lot for potential for great moments all around and right from the beginning when these two have to come together, it’s already amazing:

I love the banter between the two of them and it just comes together so well.

The animation is excellent in this one too, Dong Yang did the animation once again and their touch is all over the episode and Joker. as always, is at his loveable homicidal best in this one.

What else is there even to say, this is a fun as hell episode with a lot of great animation, great action, and a ton of strong great comedy all around. This is such a damn good episode and a welcome return to form after the awfulness of The Terrible Trio.

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