Batman: The Animated Series 25th Anniversary #73: Catwalk

Catwalk was first broadcasted on September 13, 1995 with a script by Paul Dini and directed by Boyd Kirkland.

Anxious to take up her old ways as Catwoman, Selina Kyle joins forces with the Ventriloquist to humiliate socialite Veronica Vreeland. But the real victim is Catwoman herself, who has been secretly set up by Scarface to take the fall for another robbery. Batman has to intercede before the furious feline makes things worse by killing the double-talking Ventriloquist.

A while back, I made a plea to find the one really good Catwoman centered episode and Almost Got ‘Im seems to be the best one because Catwoman was in it more than I remembered. But if we’re going to go for an overall straightforward episode where Catwoman is seen as the bad guy, this might actually be it.

This is a really solid episode where Catwoman teams up with the Ventriloquist to commit crimes and it leads to a lot of great scenes where the two connect really well and we get a great storyline with Catwoman. That’s just the power of how well of a writer Paul Dini is, he can take a supporting character like Catwoman and give them an exciting and enjoyable storyline to work with.

The animation is once again really good, the chemistry between Batman and Catwoman is also really well done, the action is great, the story is well-written, this is the best Catwoman centered episode outside of Almost Got ‘Im I’ve watched so far.

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