Batman: The Animated Series 25th Annivesary #75: Showdown

Showdown was first broadcasted on September 12, 1995 with a script by Joe Lansdale and a story by Bruce Timm, Kevin Alteri, & Paul Dini and directed by Kevin Alteri.

Ra’s al Ghul narrates a story from his past in which Jonah Hex stops his plan to destroy the transcontinental railroad being completed in 1883, by using a war blimp.

It’s pretty obvious this was probably meant to be a spinoff of Batman: TAS to introduce Jonah Hex into his own show and judging by this episode, I would’ve like to see more of him because this was such a good episode.

I really love the design of Jonah Hex in this episode, looking like a mix of Two Face and Doc Brown:

It also helps to have the voice of the late William McKinney, best known as the sadistic mountain man from Deliverance, as Jonah Hex as well as having Malcolm McDowell as the bad guy and the way they bring in Ra’s Al Ghul into this setup is nicely done.

Animationwise, this is another impressive feat for the series, the animation in this episode is spectacular, showcasing the grandiose scale that can be done through the power of animation.

Showdown shows the potential that could’ve been for a Jonah Hex animated series that probably would’ve been as awesome as Batman: The Animated Series was. The animation is great, the character of Jonah Hex is nicely represented, the action is great, the story is well done, they bookend the story nicely, this is another really great episode.

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