Movies In My Collection #189: The Pink Panther

Later this month, we’ll finally be treated to a nice looking Pink Panther collection on Blu-Ray that includes most of the movies in the series, including Return Of The Pink Panther, long since omitted from the 2005 MGM box set that came out when the Steve Martin remake did.

So, this summer, in celebration of a nice pristine Pink Panther Blu-Ray set on the way, we’re gonna be using this post to talk about all the Pink Panther movies, all 11 of them from the 1964 classic to the 2009 sequel to the 2006 remake.

Get ready to see pink all summer long as we begin our look at The Pink Panther film series from the beginning:

Pink panther63.jpg

The Pink Panther is a 1963 American comedy film directed by Blake Edwards and co-written by Edwards and Maurice Richlin, starring David Niven, Peter Sellers, Robert Wagner, Capucine, and Claudia Cardinale. The film introduced the cartoon character of the same name, in an opening credits sequence animated by DePatie-Freleng Enterprises.

The trademark of The Phantom, a renowned jewel thief, is a glove left at the scene of the crime. Inspector Clouseau, an expert on The Phantom’s exploits, feels sure that he knows where The Phantom will strike next and leaves Paris for Switzerland, where the famous Lugashi jewel ‘The Pink Panther’ is going to be. However, he does not know who The Phantom really is, or for that matter who anyone else really is…

One of the best things about these movies is the animated openings…

No matter how bad each film gets, you can at least give them credit for putting a lot of time and creativity into each animated opening…now only if they can do that with the films themselves but anyway, back to the first Pink Panther.

This really is one of my all-time favorite movies, it’s a great movie that moves at a smooth pace, it’s not quick but at the same time, it’s not slowing down anything, it’s letting the comedy build and usually to great payoff.

Slapstick comedy blends very well with a great music score by Henry Mancini as well as Peter Sellers’ Inspector Clouseau, it all comes together to make a really funny comedy classic.

It’s a product of its’ time to show how ’60s and ’70s movies moved much slower and didn’t feel the need to rush anything like today’s movies do and it’s great to watch that. That’s why I loved movies like Haywire and Midnight In Paris so much.

The Pink Panther is a great funny comedy classic that does a good job blending great comedy, great action, great characters, and just overall great settings to make for one of the definitive comedies to be made.


The Pink Panther

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