Batman: The Animated Series 25th Anniversary #76: Time Out Of Joint

Time Out Of Joint was first broadcasted on October 8, 1994 with a script by Steve Perry from a story by Alan Burnett and directed by Dan Riba.

The Clock King returns to continue his vendetta against Mayor Hill. This time, the time-obsessed criminal hopes to murder Hill with the help of a stolen invention that allows him to warp time and travel at super-speed. Securing another device from its creator, Batman and Robin take on the Clock King in a furious high-speed battle for the mayor’s life.

This episode gets a lot of flack from people saying that it’s kind of lackluster compared to the first time we saw the Clock King but to be honest, I had a lot of fun watching this episode but then again, it’s mostly because of the concept of time travel being thrown into the mix.

I mean, that’s a great sequence for a number of reasons, one is the animation which once again looks fantastic and two, the concept of Batman and Robin being stuck in the Batmobile as hours are literally becoming minutes is a cool concept and leads to a nice sequence of tension.

In fact, that’s where much of the episode works off of, the tension. The fact that Temple Fugate now has this power where he can literally stop time and be seen right in front of your eyes without you even knowing, that’s pretty damn intense and the episode all around does a good job of building up the tension all around such as the conclusion of the episode:

Insert obvious ‘some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb’ joke here but seriously, that is such a cool ass sequence as you see Batman trying to get this bomb away from harm as it’s literally exploding right in his face. I mean, come on, how can you not look at moments like this and tell me this isn’t the most awesome thing ever.

Roscoe Lee Browne also has a good role in this playing Dr. Wakati as well.

If there’s any complaints that I think some people would have is that Fugate’s plan for revenge against the mayor is not as exciting as it was in the first episode but then again, you add the idea of stopping time and you add a new twist to it that makes this one just as enjoyable, if not, more enjoyable than the first Clock King episode. I really wish there was more episodes with the Clock King but sadly, this was the last one, they did a good job of giving this overlooked villain a shot in the spotlight.

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