Batman: The Animated Series 25th Anniversary #77: Bane

Bane was first broadcasted on September 10, 1994 with a script by Mitch Brian and directed by Kevin Alteri.

Batman comes face-to-face with his most powerful adversary yet, the chemically-enhanced assassin Bane. Originally hired by Rupert Thorne to kill Batman, Bane plans on taking control of Thorne’s criminal empire once Batman is destroyed. It is a fight to the death with all of Gotham in the balance, as Batman takes on the man who has vowed to break the Bat.

It’s amazing that it took them this long to get to Bane and while I think the character’s representation with the voice of Henry Silva, I think the overall episode itself is not particularly strong.

I do like the final battle between Batman and Bane and how they drew a lot of inspiration from the Knightfall comic:

Although, to be honest, that final scene where Bane overdoses is a little silly, I don’t know why, those cartoonish eyes he gives as he’s screaming out his name just looked kind of ridiculous to me rather than looking intimidating.

The overall episode is fine on its’ own merits but it shines when Bane is in the spotlight, the representation of the character is nicely done, the action is well done, the animation is very good, if there was a better overall story, this would’ve been one of the better episodes of the season but as it stands, a solid debut for a character who’d get more screen time later down the road.

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