The Reviewing Network’s Top 30 Favorite Movie Moments: #26 & #25

My #26 favorite movie moment comes from one of my all-time favorite movies, A Boy Named Charlie Brown.

I’ve already talked about why this is one of my all-time favorite movies in a previous post, but I haven’t talked about why the final scene with Charlie Brown & Linus is one of my all-time favorite movie scenes.

The best thing about the movie is its’ message. Charlie Brown finally makes it to the end of the national spelling bee, he’s one of two people left and all he has to do is spell one word right in order to win. I’m not going to spoil what word it is but I’ll say that it’s a word that he should be accustomed to. He misspells it, losing the spelling bee and returning home with nobody to welcome him back leaving him depressed.

Linus comes in in the final scene of the movie to talk to Charlie Brown and try to convince him to come out into the world again and tells Charlie Brown that he may think everybody doesn’t like him anymore but then Linus says something that wakes Charlie Brown up and gets him to come outside and live his normal life again. And it ends on one of the most poignant quotes you will ever hear in a kids movie:

The biggest problem with kids movies nowadays is that, with the exception of Disney and Pixar, the people that make these movies don’t care about teaching lessons or leaving kids with some advice about life. All they care about is making money by throwing in stupid comedy, poop and fart jokes, characters that are by no means memorable, and just putting no effort into their productions and only making them just to make a quick buck.

A Boy Named Charlie Brown doesn’t do that, it doesn’t treat its’ audience like they’re idiots, it doesn’t throw in stupid comedy or grossout jokes to get a cheap laugh, it does nothing that the kids films of today do.

It teaches valuable lessons about life, it presents impressive animation and a lot of creativity, it has great music, a great story, it keeps these characters the same way we’ve come to see them, it’s a type of kids movie that needs to make a comeback really soon.

That’s why this movie has such a huge impact on me and is one of my favorites and that scene is one of my all-time favorites. A Boy Named Charlie Brown, a great movie with a lot of heart, a lot of fun, and the perfect kids film.

#25 on my list of my favorite movie moments mostly comes from my love of these two characters and seeing them appear together in one scene, it’s the long overdue meeting of Bugs Bunny & Mickey Mouse from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Less than a minute long but still satisfying as all hell to watch:

Two of the biggest rivals in cartoon history together in one scene, that’s pretty awesome. What’s also great about this is that they aren’t forcing a new updated version of these characters, you get the old fashioned Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny and seeing both of them together in one scene, again, is pretty awesome. They do show up together on screen again in another scene but we’ll delve into that one a little later down the list.

This is just such a great scene and all they had to go through to get it done, Disney & WB only agreed to the scene if both Mickey & Bugs had the same amount of lines and overall screen time and you know what, well worth it, one of the best scenes in the entire film and one of my all-time favorite movie scenes.


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