Talking Simpsons #508: Papa Don’t Leech

Papa Don’t Leech, the 16th episode of season 19 and the 416th episode overall, was first broadcasted on April 13, 2008 with a script by Reid Harrison and directed by Chris Clements.

When Mayor Quimby launches a campaign to shake down anyone who has not paid taxes in years, Lurleen Lumpkin (the country singer who tried to seduce Homer from the season three episode “Colonel Homer”) hides out at the Simpson house, which does not sit well with Marge (who still cannot forgive her for almost stealing her husband).

The way they bring Lurleen back into the picture this time around is nicely done and Beverly D’Angelo once again gives another really good performance as the character after years of being used as somewhat of a sidegag since her first appearance in Colonel Homer.

However, the rest of the episode is pretty generic and clichéd and there’s not really anything new or exciting to this storyline that hasn’t been done beforehand and the humor and the overall guest appearance by The Dixie Chicks isn’t really as well thought out as you’d think it would be.

And it’s a shame, I really think they could’ve used this episode to give longtime fans one of the more memorable supporting characters from early in the series’ run another shot but the episode never really does anything with the potential and the episode just kind of falls flat in the end.

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