Batman: The Animated Series 25th Anniversary #79: Riddler’s Reform

Riddler’s Reform was first broadcasted on September 24, 1994 with a script by Randy Rogel from a story by Rogel, Alan Burnett & Paul Dini and directed by Dan Riba.

The Riddler is hired to work for a toy company, vowing to turn over a new leaf. But Batman refuses to believe he has changed, and he suspects that the Riddler is still obsessed with outsmarting and defeating him. Now, the Dark Knight must prove that Riddler is still a criminal at heart and send him back to Arkham.

The A.V. Club had a pretty good point to point out about the Rogues Gallery when they talked about this episode, “If Batman’s not directly responsible for the creation of his villains, he’s certainly responsible for their continuing mental deterioration. When he puts his enemies behind bars, they’re given a target on which to focus their rage, and Batman becomes an obsession that drives the rogues to further crimes. The conclusion of this episode puts Nygma back in Arkham, but he’s just getting further and further away from rehabilitation.”

And in this episode, that’s definitely more of the case, Batman can do so much to these baddies without even doing anything, just showing up or letting his presence known can drive these bad guys to go from being close to rehabilitating their lives to going back to their evil ways.

The Riddler is great as always in this series thanks to John Glover’s excellent performance as the role right down to the very end where he just snaps, it’s hard not to laugh at this performance he gives at the end:

I mean, if even the Joker can’t stand your screaming then you are causing one hell of a ruckus. I just love how the fact that Batman escaped his trap drove him so mad when he doesn’t get the answers he wants, he screams like that, that’s how committed Glover was to this role. And by the way, the way Batman gets out is so simple, I won’t spoil it here because that makes the payoff all the more worthy.

You should just go and watch the episode and really you should, Riddler’s Reform is another really solid Riddler episode, and a good one to end The Riddler’s last full appearance on the series on.

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