Batman: The Animated Series 25th Anniversary #80: Second Chance

Second Chance was first broadcasted on September 17, 1994 with a script by Gerry Conway from a story by Paul Dini & Michael Reaves and directed by Boyd Kirkland.

Just before he is to undergo the operation that will restore his sanity, Harvey Dent is kidnapped by a mysterious villain. Batman and Robin split up to nab the criminal behind the scheme to abduct the Dark Knight’s old friend. They suspect that either the Penguin or Rupert Thorne may be behind the kidnapping.

A really excellent episode, you can tell watching this episode that Kevin Conroy will usually give his best performance as Batman when it’s in an episode with Two Face because of how well the series has established the friendship between Bruce Wayne and Harvey Dent.

The episode has a great conflict between Two Face and whether or not he wants to keep being the bad guy or return to his normal life, both sides have a strong argument for the mater and in the end, the decision Harvey ends up making seems to fit what you would expect that character to go for.

The last scene where Harvey confronts Bruce and says that he’s always there for him is such a great moment showing how strong that friendship these two share is as well as showing how Robin and Batman establish a great friendship too:

Second Chance definitely is one of the strongest Two-Face episodes out there from both an animation and story standpoint, they definitely do a great job of giving these characters a good storyline to work off of.

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