The Weekly Address #41


My Take On… — Why The Bachelor Franchise Needs To Die Already

Movies In My Collection — A Shot In The Dark

Actors’ Spotlight — Mark Wahlberg

The Reviewing Network’s Favorite Movies — The Longest Yard

The Talk About Nothing — The Invitations

More To Say — Split

Talking Simpsons — (Friday) Mona Leeves-A; (Saturday) All About Lisa; (Sunday) Sex, Pies, & Idiot Scapes

Do You Remember? — Caesar’s Challenge

Movie Stop — Episode 39

TATM: Talkin’ About The Movies — Best & Worst Movies Of 2017 So Far

The Magical World Of Disney — The Tigger Movie

The Reviewing Network Live — Despicable Me 2

The Untitled Better Call Saul Posting — *SEASON FINALE* — Fail & Lantern

That wraps up this week’s Weekly Address and check back next week for another recap of the past week’s big movie and TV news stories.

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