Batman: The Animated Series 25th Anniversary #81: Harley’s Holiday

Harley’s Holiday was first broadcasted on October 15, 1994 with a script by Paul Dini and directed by Kevin Alteri.

Harley Quinn is released back into society, after being declared sane at Arkham Asylum. A misunderstanding at a clothing store, however, causes a snowball of comedic chaos to build around her.

The old saying of “all it takes is one bad day” takes a radically hilarious turn in this case, there’s so much to love about this episode. Specifically how Harley Quinn goes from being declared sane to just going back to being insane in a matter of half of a day.

The sad truth is that she really was trying to change her ways and life just said “yeah, that’s not gonna happen anytime” and it shows right from the beginning.

I don’t know why but it’s so hard not to laugh my ass off when Harley just hits Bruce with a mannequin arm at the end there, probably because of the line before the hit “Back off, rich boy, I’m armed.” It’s just friggin’ hilarious.

In fact, the whole episode is just that, hilarious, it’s hilarious to just see the comedy of errors taking place all over the episode.

The animation in this episode is pretty good although, some of the animation looked a little too Animaniacs-ish, specifically with the eyes on many of the characters mostly because of the extra white pupils they added, makes them look a little too animeish….kind of.

But overall, Harley’s Holiday is a fun as all hell episode to watch, a massive comedy of errors that has a lot of hilarious twists and turns all around to make the episode more than worth the watch.

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