The Untitled Better Call Saul Posting #29 & #30: Fall & Lantern

Yeah, I messed up again and forgot to put up a post last week so, here we go, double post time for the final two episodes of the season.

Fall was written by Gordon Smith and directed by Minkie Spiro.

Jimmy talks with the Sandpiper class action representative Irene to get an update on the Sandpiper case, and realizes that Sandpiper has already offered a settlement deal which if D&M and HHM accept, would give Jimmy over $1 million as his share of the settlement. Jimmy tries to convince Howard to accept the settlement, but Howard sees through Jimmy’s motivations and refuses. Meanwhile, Howard and Chuck meet with their malpractice insurance agency, who propose either raising HHM’s premium or having Chuck supervised at all times. Chuck refuses to negotiate and instead decides to fight the insurance company in court. This proves to be the last straw for Howard, who informs Chuck that he will be forced to retire since his judgment can no longer be trusted. Chuck responds by suing HHM for $8 million, the value of his share of the practice. Mike is hired on as a “security consultant” to Madrigal on Gus’ recommendation to launder his stolen money, and Kim takes on Gatwood Oil as a second client. Nacho admits to his father that he is working for Hector, and begs him to follow Hector’s orders. Furious, Nacho’s father tells Nacho to leave his house. In order to secure the Sandpiper settlement, Jimmy pulls a series of cons and social manipulation to trick Irene into thinking that holding out on the Sandpiper settlement is against the interests of her fellow elderly clients and she moves to accept it, giving Jimmy his much needed fee. He returns to the office to give the good news to Kim, but she is too busy preparing for an important meeting with Gatwood Oil and leaves in a rush. However, due to her fatigue from overwork, Kim loses her concentration and drives her car off the side of the road, crashing into a rock.

A really good episode, great acting all around and really great scripting.

Lantern was written by Gennifer Hutchinson and directed by Peter Gould.

In a flashback, a young Chuck reads a story to a young Jimmy under the light of a lantern. In the present, Kim suffers a broken arm from the car accident, and decides to take the opportunity to take a leave of absence from the law. Jimmy, feeling partly responsible for Kim’s situation, finally agrees to break their office lease and have Kim work out of her own home to save costs. Meanwhile, Chuck is forced out of HHM when Howard pays off his $8 million share out of his own pocket. Hector arrives at Nacho’s father’s shop and attempts to bribe him for his loyalty. Under Nacho’s urging, Nacho’s father reluctantly accepts the bribe, but Hector remains suspicious of him. With no other choice, Nacho attempts to assassinate Hector but is caught up in a meeting between Hector, Gus, and Bolsa. Bolsa reminds Hector that it is under Don Eladio’s orders that all smuggling operations will be handled by Gus, which enrages Hector and triggers a heart attack, forcing him to be hospitalized. In the chaos, Nacho is able to switch Hector’s fake medication back with his real pills, but Gus gives him a suspicious look. Jimmy meanwhile tries to make amends with Chuck, but Chuck coldly cuts ties with Jimmy. Jimmy then tries to mend relations between Irene and her friends, but is unable to since Irene’s friends remain suspicious of her. He finally resorts to “accidentally” admitting his fraud in front of his clients, which both vindicates Irene and cancels the Sandpiper settlement. After forcing Jimmy away, Chuck’s EHS symptoms begin to relapse, and he becomes obsessed with removing all electronic devices in his home to the point of tearing the walls open to remove the electric wiring. He eventually reaches his breaking point and sets fire to his house, which he is still inside, by knocking a gas lantern over.

A great finale building up a lot of great tension and action all around with excellent performances, a tightly written script, and a lot of great twists and turns that make you want to come back next season.

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