Batman: The Animated Series 25th Anniversary #82: Lock-Up

Lock-Up was first broadcast on November 19, 1994 with a script by Marty Isenberg & Robert N. Skir from a story by Paul Dini and directed by Dan Riba.

Lyle Bolton, the new head of security at Arkham, is fired for his atrocious mistreatment of the inmates. Six months later, Bolton becomes the vigilante Lock-Up, and decides to put who he feels responsible for the ruin of the city behind bars. It’s up to Batman and Robin to save his victims

The episode is very much an answer to vigilantes such as The Punisher and Azrael with Bruce Weitz, best known as Sgt. Michael “Mick” Belker from Hill Street Blues playing Lock-Up. One of the interesting things about the character is that he was new to the canon and introduced into the series and then later incorporated into the comics just a few years later.

As far as the episode itself goes, it’s kind of meh. I really like the character of Lock-Up and wished they would’ve had him in more episodes. He really does have a lot of good points in this episode about who’s the real monsters, the criminals or the people sworn to protect them and Bruce Weitz gives a great performance to match the personality of the character:

Sadly, this character is written as more one dimensional and maybe that’s why the character was only used for this one episode. I mean, yes, he makes good points about who the real monsters are in the prison but his ways of torturing them to do so is way too extreme that you do actually realize that as much as he’s being clear about his motives, the dude is still a bad guy and has to be taken down.

Overall, the episode has potential to work but it just doesn’t come together as well as the character himself is done. The character is more exciting and interesting than the episode itself. If he had another episode to work with then maybe, he would’ve been better written but other than that, this one is just kind of meh.

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