RNN: The New Rocko’s Modern Life TV Movie Brings Back The Original Cast

Source: Nerdist

Sometimes, “Big News Day” can be a dangerous day. But that is not the case today, because Nickelodeon has an exciting announcement for fans of their classic Nicktoons series Rocko’s Modern Life: the original cast will return for next year’s all new movie.

We’ve known since last August that Nick was bringing the show back with a one-hour TV movie, Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling written and produced by the show’s creator Joe Murray. Today they announced that all of the original voice actors from the show are coming back too.

The world of a timid Australian wallaby who found a chaotic new home in the American city of O-Town will again be brought to life by Carlos Alazraqui (who voices Rocko, Spunky, and Leon the Chameleon), Tom Kenny (Heffer, Chuck the Chameleon, and superhero Really Really Big Man), Mr. Lawrence (Filburt), Charlie Adler (Ed and Bev Bighead, Conglom-O CEO Mr. Dupette, Grandpa Wolfe, and Mrs. Fathead), Linda Wallem (Dr. Hutchinson, and Crazy Aunt Gretchen), Jill Talley (Nosey), and Joe Murray (Ralph Bighead).

New to the cast will be Steve Little (playing a character called Cowboy) and the film’s director Cosmo Segurson (as a pillow salesman).

The movie will follow the gang’s return to Earth in the 21st century after being lost in space since 1996 (when the series’ four-year run ended). Unfortunately for Rocko he doesn’t find the new world as much fun as Heffer and Filburt do.

We’ve been all in on Nick’s nostalgia trip through their classic vault, and this news is some of the best yet. Rocko’s Modern Life still feels underrated, even though it was one of the network’s best cartoons ever. (Forget just still having the theme song stuck in my head two decades later, to this day I still randomly yell out, “Emergency liposuction!”) We want the show to get more attention, and it wouldn’t feel right if the original cast weren’t coming back.

Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling will premiere sometime in 2018.

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