The Talk About Nothing #126: The Invitations

The Invitations, the seventh season finale and the 134th overall, was first broadcasted on May 16, 1996 with a script by Larry David and directed by Andy Ackerman.

George tries to think of a way out of his relationship with Susan before the wedding. Elaine suggests he start smoking, and Kramer suggests he ask Susan for a pre-nuptial agreement. Jerry nearly gets hit by a car but is saved by his female equivalent, Jeannie. Jerry thinks he is in love with Jeannie and proposes to her. Kramer tries to cash in on a bank’s offer to pay a customer $100 if the teller doesn’t say “hello”.

This was the last episode written by Larry David as he left the series at the end of this season and didn’t return until the final episode. And wow, he ended this one on a mixed note, specifically the demise of Susan because she does get killed off in one of the more bizarre ways ever, I mean you thought the ending to the last Seinfeld was controversial, this is pretty damn close. It’s one of those moments when you really don’t know if it’s suppose to be funny or not, even Larry David has gone back in years after this and said “I can’t believe that I killed this girl” so if Larry David is having second thoughts about letting her get axed off, that tells you something.

Overall, kind of a mixed bag of an episode with an ending that makes you really not know how to feel about it.

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