Talking Simpsons #512: All About Lisa

All About Lisa, the 19th season finale and the 420th episode, was first broadcasted on May 18, 2008 with a script by John Frink and directed by Steven Dean Moore.

Sideshow Mel narrates the story of how Lisa rose to stardom as Krusty the Clown’s latest replacement. Meanwhile, Bart and Homer start coin-collecting and go after a rare 1917 coin known as “The Kissing Lincolns” penny.

Man, if there was ever a case for The Simpsons repeating storylines it’s already done, this is it. I mean, they do not even hide it in this episode, this episode is a straight up ripoff of Bart Gets Famous and it just wants you to accept it and this time, none of the jokes fly, a Drew Carey cameo is wasted, and the subplot with Homer & Bart is pretty lackluster. What a disappointing way to end this season.

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