Batman: The Animated Series 25th Anniversary #87: Sins Of The Father

Sins Of The Father was first broadcasted on September 20, 1997 with a script by Rich Fogel and directed by Curt Geda.

Young orphan Tim Drake becomes Batman’s new ward when he becomes involved in one of Two-Face’s deadly plots.

Despite the previous episode already jumping into the fact that Tim Drake is now the new Robin, we finally get a story summing up how Drake came to be the new Robin, which in it of itself is essentially the story of Jason Todd becoming Robin but with Tim Drake in his place. The son of a drug addict mom and a criminal henchman father, Jason Todd was more abrasive and morally ambiguous than Dick Grayson, with a dark side that was kept in check by his partnership with Batman. His “pulled from the gutters to become a superhero sidekick” origin is childhood wish fulfillment to the extreme, and it’s easier to capture in one episode than Tim Drake’s, which has him discovering Batman’s secret identity over an extended period of time.

But of course, with this, Jason Todd was an afterthought and unfortunately, that’s kind of a fault of this origin story. Tim Drake is not an investing character at first and he’s just kind of thrown in to this adventure and his way of becoming Robin is not as thrilling or as exciting as it was for the origin of Dick Grayson as Robin. Drake just kind of stumbles on to the batcave and by the end, Batman is just like “well, shit, I guess you’re the new Robin now.”

Like I said, Tim Drake in this episode is not that exciting or investing but he does become a more likeable character as the series goes on and the overall story of this episode is pretty generic and bland.

I think Sins Of The Father does a decent job of telling the story of Tim Drake and how he became Robin but at the same time, there’s not much investment in that character or overall excitement in the overall story of this episode. This one is just kind of meh, I really wanted this episode to make up for the jumbling that was Holiday Knights but as it stands, this just doesn’t come together well at all. So far, this revival is not off to a good start.

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