Batman: The Animated Series 25th Anniversary #89: Double Talk

Double Talk was first broadcasted on November 22, 1997 with a script by Robert Goodman and directed by Curt Geda.

Arnold Wesker is released from Arkham, completely free of his Scarface persona. But Scarface’s old gang, needing their old boss back, begin working to drive Wesker back to his old ways.

After a couple of lackluster episodes, it’s finally good to see the series returning to its’ original form again and Double Talk does a great job of returning the series to form with a really good Scarface storyline.

Once again, George Dzundra does a phenomenal job as both Arthur and Scarface creating these two unique and different personalities that fit the character so well.

Also, this is the first episode where you finally see the unique animation style of the series finally coming into play, the dream sequences throughout the episode are nicely done, the red sky in Gotham looks a lot more prominent than it did before, and the character designs are nicely done.

Double Talk once again uses the underrated villain Scarface to good use and also gives this revival of the series its’ first truly good episode with great animation, unique visuals, great voice work, great action, great drama, and great comedy all blended into one.

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