Batman: The Animated Series 25th Anniversary #90: You Scratch My Back

You Scratch My Back was first broadcasted on November 15, 1997 with a script by Hilary J. Bader and directed by Butch Lukic.

In an effort to further distance himself from Batman, Nightwing tries to go it alone to stop a smuggling ring and gets unexpected help from the seductive Catwoman, who attempts a somewhat sensual relationship with him.

This episode is more about expanding on the character of Nightwing and they do kind of a good job of expanding his character in this one but a much better expansion of how Dick became Nightwing would come later on in the series.

Really, this is an overall enjoyable episode that actually kind of gives Catwoman a decent role here. When her motivations are revealed in this one, I really was afraid she was gonna overstay her welcome in this one but honestly, they tone her done enough to where she’s not a distraction and is actually helping in the fight that Nightwing finds himself involved in.

While certainly not a classic episode, You Scratch My Back shows off a very interesting Nightwing/Catwoman collaboration that surprisingly works a lot better than it had any right to. Just going to show that after a couple of lackluster episodes, the revival on this is finally getting back on track with the second solid episode in a row.

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