The Reviewing Network’s Top 30 Favorite Movie Moments: #22 & #21

#22 on the list is from one of my all-time favorite comedies, it’s The Blues Brothers driving through the mall in the original movie:

I mean, there’s so much in that scene to admire, for one thing, the classic music playing in the background and just the fact that they tore this mall up, which had been shut down for about a year before they shot the scene and was just left there before the mall was eventually demolished decades later.

It’s important to remember this was the late 70s and the great thing about the original Blues Brothers movie was just how the car crashes and destruction looked all go real and this scene definitely shows just that, how good practical effects can be on such a great over the top scene with great music and great comedy involved.

#21 is yet another overlooked animated movie moment from one of the most overlooked animated movies of its’ time period. It’s The Girls Of Rock & Roll sequence from The Chipmunk Adventure.

Now I know what you’re thinking, a moment from an Alvin & The Chipmunks movie is one of your favorite moments, well, just watch the scene for yourself and you can kind of see why:

First of all, this is what Alvin & The Chipmunks was to me growing up as a kid, not this new hybrid human/chipmunk crap they’ve been trying to shove in our faces for the last decade, this is authentic Alvin & The Chipmunks.

Second, the song is surprisingly really damn good, it’s a a cover of a song from another movie. This song, that I thought was an original song from The Chipmunks, was actually from a 1986 B-movie called ‘The Malibu Bikini Shop’.

But it’s still really good and fits more in line for Alvin & The Chipmunks to have this song play when trying to “outrock and roll” the Chipettes.

But the true reason why this scene works so well is the animation, the greatest thing about The Chipmunk Adventure is how gorgeous the animation looks seeing as how the creators, Ross Bagdasarian Jr. and Janice Karman hired many of the Disney animators who had just been fired following the failure of The Black Cauldron so you’ve got this movie that looks Disney caliber because many of the people who animated it came from Disney.

The Girls Of Rock N’ Roll sequence was done by Glen Keane, who’s one of the top Disney animators still working today, he headlined the animation for the sequence and it looks incredible. It’s the definitive highlight of the movie and one of the reasons why it holds up to this very day.


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