Batman: The Animated Series 25th Anniversary #92: Joker’s Millions

Joker’s Millions was first broadcasted on February 21, 1998 with a script by Paul Dini and directed by Dan Riba.

Crime boss Edward “King” Barlowe dies and in his will leaves his arch-rival, the Joker, a large fortune of $250 million. The Joker immediately goes on a shopping spree, even searching for a replacement for Harley Quinn, but realizes too late that almost all of the money is fake as a joke of Barlowe’s to trick him.

One of the interesting little early tidbits revealed early on in the revival of this series takes place in The Batman/Superman Movie, a.k.a. World’s Finest, where Commissioner Gordon says that the Joker has been strapped for cash recently when he only steals a jade statue from a china shop. Which makes you wonder….yeah, how the hell is Joker making any money to hire the people he hires to work for him.

To me, that’s the perfect setup for this, maybe one of the show’s most hilarious episodes.

One of my favorite moments in the entire episode comes in the beginning where you see Joker coming home after another fight with Batman and they don’t treat him as a serious bad guy, he’s just another deadbeat tenant whose landlord doesn’t give a fuck. Right down to when he confronts Joker that he hasn’t paid his rent and Joker just goes…”sue me”. I just find it hilarious that Joker, one of the definitive Batman villains and somebody who can be seen as an instant threat to mankind is just treated like shit like he’s nothing when he has nothing.

As I said, the episode leads to a number of hilarious over the top moments like one of my favorite Joker lines in this is “I’m crazy enough to take on Batman but the IRS, no?”

I mean, what more can you even say? Joker’s Millions is a really, really damn good episode, one of the funniest ones out there. A great story, great comedy all around, great action, this one is one of the best Joker episodes in my opinion.

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