Batman: The Animated Series 25th Anniversary #94: Love Is A Croc

Love Is A Croc was first broadcasted on July 11, 1998 with a script by Steve Gerber and directed by Butch Lukic.

Baby-Doll becomes enamored of Killer Croc, and the pair forms a very unlikely yet very successful criminal duo. However, their partnership soon falls apart when Baby-Doll learns that Croc is only using her to further his own criminal career.

The original Baby-Doll episode was one of the most unfortunate and heartbreaking episodes this series has ever done so to try to even match that would be an extremely difficult task on any level.

And this episode… god, it tried.

It tries to create this unusual pairing between Baby-Doll (now voiced by Laraine Newman of SNL fame) and Killer Croc (now voiced by Brooks Gardner), which could be seen as ridiculously stupid but tries to come off as a weird Bonnie & Clyde like relationship but they really don’t have a whole lot to work with.

There are amusing moments in the episode like I really do enjoy the interactions these two have in the episode:

You definitely could see how these two would find some form of a connection and in a way, it does help to give this episode an identity to work off of.

Love Is A Croc is kind of a mixed bag of an episode, it doesn’t packed the gutwrenching punch of hard reality that the first Baby-Doll episode did but there are still those little elements that make it somewhat enjoyable to watch. I’d say give this one a shot and decide for yourself.

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