Talking Simpsons #516: Dangerous Curves

Dangerous Curves, the 5th episode of season 20 and the 425th overall, was first broadcasted on November 9, 2008 with a script by Billy Kimball & Ian Maxtone-Graham and directed by Matthew Faughnan.

Homer and Marge remember their dating years where a young Ned and Maude tries to keep them apart and their early years of marriage where Homer and Marge almost cheated on each other.

Well, to this episode’s credit, it was at least a better flashback episode than That 90’s Show was, my god, that was a trainwreck.

This one is, for the most part, okay, but a lot of it really felt too predictable. It was kind of nice to see Ned and Maude in flashbacks again but overall, this one doesn’t really leave that much of a lasting impact.

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