The Magical World Of Disney #93: An Extremely Goofy Movie

An Extremely Goofy Movie is a 2000 American direct-to-video animated coming-of-age comedy film made by Walt Disney Pictures, produced by Walt Disney Television Animation, and directed by Douglas McCarthy. It is the sequel to the 1995 film A Goofy Movie, which was based on the animated television series Goof Troop. The story follows Max’s freshman year at college, which is compounded by his father’s presence when Goofy arrives at the same college to get a degree because of his failure to complete college. This film also serves as the television series finale of The Disney Afternoon TV series of Goof Troop.

The original A Goofy Movie was fun for what it was, it’s fun for the fans of the Goof Troop cartoon series so for this sequel, it actually makes sense for it to go to direct-to-video seeing as how it’s a sequel to a surprisingly successful movie that was released under the radar but found an audience.

So, how does the sequel hold up? Honestly, not very well but at the same time, there’s still a lot to admire about this movie.

I think for a direct-to-video production, it’s animated pretty well, about as half as good as it was in A Goofy Movie but that movie had a bigger budget and was intended for a more theatrical audience. This is more aimed for the VHS age of people…hell, at this point, DVD age too.

The story is about as generic and predictable as you can get and you do get those clichés and tropes that you would expect with a story like this but at the same time, there are very few heartfelt moments in there that do effectively work. I even liked how there was an homage to Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas thrown in there too, essentially saying these two worlds are connected.

The voice work is once again very good, Jason Marsden once again is great as Max, Bill Farmer will always be great as Goofy, you’ve got Jim Cummings’ Pete showing up early in the beginning, Rob Paulsen and Pauly Shore are good as PJ & Bobby, even the new additions to the cast are nice touches, you’ve got Jeff Bennett playing the preppy bad guy to Max and Brad Garrett as his lackey, Vicky Lewis has a decent, albeit kind of short, role as PJ’s love interest and Bebe Neuwirth is decent as Goofy’s love interest in this.

Unlike A Goofy Movie, which was a musical, this movie is played straight with no musical scenes in it. That being said, this has a soundtrack with a bunch of classic 70s and 80s songs on it, along with new revivals featuring the modern artists of the time. My personal favorite, one that I’ve talked about on the site before, is Cleopatra’s cover of Right Back Where We Started From:

It really is a good version of this song, almost as good if not slightly better than the original song and that original song is such a classic. This definitely is the most underrated movie song out there.

Overall, An Extremely Goofy Movie is not quite on the level of the original A Goofy Movie but it’s still a decent movie, nice animation, great voice work, some decent jokes, really good music, you’ll like it if you enjoyed the original Goofy Movie or the Goof Troop cartoon but don’t rush out to see it.

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