My Take On… #240: Why The Incredibles 2 Will Not Live Up To The Hype At This Point


Before anybody gets mad at me or crucifies me for denying the powers of Brad Bird or Pixar or some of the greatest modern day filmmakers of all time, I just want to make myself perfectly clear, I am most definitely looking forward to The Incredibles 2 and it is coming, less than one year from now, June 15, 2018, the 14 year wait between the first Incredibles movie will have finally ended and when that does, unfortunately we won’t be able to use the “too late….15 years too late” line from the first movie like I know so many people were going to use when they finally put this out….not saying that I wouldn’t have been one of those people but bottom line, I am definitely excited for Incredibles 2….

….HOWEVER, I think it’s time right now while there is still time, before a new trailer gets released or new stills or artwork or hell before the D23 expo unveils a potential dumptruck of upcoming stuff for this movie in a couple of weeks, to talk about why The Incredibles 2 will most likely not live up to the hype or massive expectations everybody has at this point.

There are four points to make about why Incredibles 2 will not live up to the hype:

1. Sequels are not in high demand as much anymore

This has not been a very good summer for sequels, hell, the last couple of years have been pretty harsh on sequels because everybody keeps making the sequels to movies that would’ve been nice a few years after they came out, not over 10 years after they came out.

Just this year, we’re finally getting sick and tired of Alien, Pirates Of The Caribbean, The Mummy, Cars, and Transformers and we’re only midway through the summer.

So, with that said, sequels are becoming just as big of a risk as remakes, reboots, cinematic universe attempts. I mean, it’s going to get to that point where I think most Hollywood studios will look at sequels as high risk because there’s a chance that they won’t make money back. So, now that’s a bigger risk nowadays.

2. Pixar sequels are very hit and miss

When it comes to Pixar’s sequels ratio, they are very hit and miss. The Toy Story sequels are great, Finding Dory and Monster University were a surprise and then, you have the Cars sequels. Cars 2 was bad and Cars 3 was better but still kind of mediocre to say the least.

So, where an Incredibles 2 would stand would only depend on whether or not the effort is put in there. And I know John Lasseter once said that he would only do sequels to Pixar movies if there was a good story worthy of bringing to a sequel so, we’ll see.

3. An Incredibles 2 seems like a last ditch effort to save Brad Bird’s directing career following the financial disappointment of Tomorrowland

Remember when Andrew Stanton tried to direct a live-action feature with John Carter and that ended up bombing hard so Stanton was kind of forced back into doing a Finding Nemo sequel after years of saying that there would not be a Finding Nemo sequel?

That’s kind of what happened with Brad Bird after Tomorrowland failed commercially. For years, there wasn’t going to be an Incredibles 2 but then Tomorrowland crashed and not but a few months later, Disney finally announces we’re getting an Incredibles 2. Coincendence? I think NOT!!!!….hey, at least I got to use one quote from the original film in this.

And don’t get me wrong, Brad Bird proved he could be a really good live-action director with Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, Tomorrowland was just kind of a bad break for him. I want to see him do more live-action films.

Lastly, the biggest reason why I think Incredibles 2 won’t live up to the hype is that…

4. Putting too much anticipation on a movie can kill it instantly in the end

We have all, at one point, been so hyped for a movie so much that when we finally see it, we have no choice but to admit, it’s the greatest thing ever. I’ve been guilty of this myself. From Phantom Menace to The Matrix sequels to Batman V Superman to The Simpsons Movie, all these heavily hyped and highly anticipated movies, we loved them at first but as time goes on, we start realizing….”wow, these movies are not as good as I remember them.”

And with Incredibles 2, I’m scared that’s going to happen again. I’m scared that people are going to set these insanely high expectations for this movie to live up to a huge ass standard and if the film doesn’t do that, it will be considered a disappointment to them, even if the movie actually turns out good.

These are the type of people who when Cars 3 was coming out kept bitching on and on about “how come we have three Cars movies and yet only one Incredibles movie,” I was getting so sick and tired of hearing so many people criticizing something because something else they wanted to see hadn’t come out yet. One person, maybe, but I kept hearing this from several people. People, it doesn’t matter, you have to be patient.

Once again, need to clarify that I am not against the idea of an Incredibles 2 by any stretch, I want The Incredibles 2 to be great almost as much as everybody else but I’m gonna tell you right now, don’t get too excited because guess what happens when you overhype something to an extreme point, it usually ends up failing to live up to your expectations.

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