Batman: The Animated Series 25th Anniversary #96: The Ultimate Thrill

The Ultimate Thrill was first broadcasted on September 14, 1998 with a script by Hilary J. Bader and directed by Dan Riba.

Former stuntwoman and adrenaline junkie Roxanne Sutton becomes the rocket-riding thief Roxy Rocket, to chase danger and excitement.

YEAH….they got away with a LOT of shit in this episode that they couldn’t today. This is like Animaniacs-esque levels of getting away with something you could never do today.

Think about it, an episode called The Ultimate Thrill about a stuntwoman who is so obsessed with living life on the wild side that she straddles a phallus rocket for almost the entire episode, drops so many sexual innuendos that her character probably made broadcast standards and practices blush, gets a sexual rush from near-death scenarios, and when she jumps out of a zeppelin after robbing its upper-crust passengers, she meets her most satisfying partner yet when Batman shows up to chase her down in the Batplane and just this image alone….

….yeah, they actually got away with this.

This is an idea that should not work at all but….god bless these guys, they somehow make it work.

As sex craved and over the top, Roxy can be, she is still a really fun villain to watch and the voice actor, Charity Jones, gives her this manic personality that fits the role so well and just watching Batman’s reactions to this character throughout the episode, it’s some of the funniest shit you will ever see.

The action sequences in this episode are so great to watch, all nicely animated and shot and again, fun to watch.

That’s the best way to describe The Ultimate Thrill, fun, it’s got a lot of ridiculously over the top elements and a whole lot of sexual innuendos but my god, you can’t help but have such a good time watching the absurdity of the episode play out. It’s a good kind of over the top where you can accept it for how stupid and fun it is, take it for what it is and have a blast with it.

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